The sun is taking her daily walk over the earth, here she is passing through Bergslagen in the middle of Sweden. In the water, just below the surface, long black eals can be spotted. In the forest some unknown creatures is enjoying the bright sunlight. And water red with blood is pouring into the lake from the east.

This is a joint painting done by my mother and me. I was visiting my parents over Christmas and wanted to paint something, and since I hadn't got any material with me I asked my mother if she had any old works she didn't want to keep, that I could paint over. She showed me a painting she had done many yeras ago, with a view over a small lake in the forest close to where they live. I looked at it and thought I shouldn't paint over it, instead it could be interesting to do something with it. As usual I didn't have any idea of what it could be. The red and black framings where the first things I did, then the awkward sun (when it was done I thought of it as an "Ent sun", a sun in the forest of Fangorn where the ents live in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the rings), and then I felt it may be something mysterious about the place, like a place in a fairy tale or something. And the rest of it was done in that feeling.

The titel "Sea-Sun" felt like the obvious name for it, as I watched it take form.
So, one can say that, in a sense, two stories are being told here at the same time - one told upon the foundation of the other.
The first story is being told by an interpreting obeserver, beholding a natural scenery.
The other gives voice to a fantasy, what may be, the scenery observed by a minds-eye.












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