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Multifiore Cranium Originales et Folium Mortalis (

Mulfitiore Cranium Originales, commonly named Skull Flower, is distinguished by its strong coloured flowers, often in deep red, crimson or pink variations. The plant got its name after the skull-looking organic forms that some of its flowers develop. Multifiore Cranium is very rare, but occurs all over the world in areas characterised by sun shadow. According to folklore, the plant developed the skull-flowers as a result of its previously common localisation – ancient abandoned cemeteries. The plant reproduces through pollination.  

Multifiore Cranium often grows together with the leaves Folium Mortalis. The two plants lives in a variation of symbiosis, in that their root systems thrives in one another's company, maybe due to the invisible tentacles connecting the two. This symbiosis, however, can only come about via a special kind of micro organism, Organum Cadavre, since the symbiosis depends on the substance that is released by the Organum Cadavre egg hatching (a phenomenon sometimes referred to as a mycorrhizal relationship, from the fungus function in ordinary mycorrhiza). Folium Mortalis belongs to the family simple leaves – that is, they have a flat, undivided blade that is supported by a stalk, petiole. The petiole is typically supported by collenchyma and sclerenchyma fibers, and can sometimes be confused with different species in the fern family. Folium Mortalis reproduce, as do the ferns, through spores on the back side of the leaf.

 Curiosa: Since the plant Multifiore Cranium has both pistils and stamens it is capable of self-fertilization – what botanists describe as perfect, bisexual, or hermaphrodite. However, in late eighteen century this created fear and anxiety among some species of plants, since they realized this flower didn't need a partner of the opposite sex to reproduce.




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Nothing exists

(När) Ingenting (längre) finns
(When) Nothing (no longer) Exists


 It all began with the text. I didn’t know what to do next (what could one do in relation to nothing?), so I put it aside. Later, I had bought Lord of the Rings as CD-books, and felt I had to do something while listening to them. As I looked around my home I re-discovered this embroidery, I took it up and started to sew, just letting it take whatever shape wanting to come forth, while listening to the books. At the end of The Two Towers the whole thing was filled with stitches in different shapes and colours, and I had got an idea on how to frame it.







Evening Falls












Mother love) 2004 

 Varje ormbarn är förbunden på ett sätt eller annat med moderormen som förser sina avkomlingar med näring.

(Every snake child is bound one way or another to the mother snake who nurture her offsprings.)




One could do with a bit of privacy...



Stone tree






Let's move on! 

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