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 The Sun Has Already Risen

The Sun has Already Risen 
[Starchildren] 2006
My mother gave me a canvas as a birthday present, and as I was looking at the empty canvas I saw that this one should be a sun either a sunset or a sun rising and the name came for me: "The Sun has Already Risen".

When my sister looked at it she asked me about "the dancing figures", what they meant, and I asked her: "What dancing figures?". What she saw, were I saw fire flames, was figures with long hair holding each other, dancing at the edge of the sun.
And later on my mother said that those figures which was as apparent to her as they where to my sister was like drawn to the inner light of the sun as if, I thought, the sun were trying to suck them into its inner circle. Which made me associate the painting with the song "Starchildren" by Bruce Dickinson (a song I had just discovered and hence had been listening to rather intensely when doing the painting).

A detail I don't really like about this painting is that when turned upside down an impression of a burning hell emerge from it. But on the other hand, why turn it upside down?

A Twilight Dance





My Star is Black and Burned

ANOTHER STORY (Starchildren lyrics, B. Dickinson/Roy Z ):

I came from nothing before nothing began
broke the window of existence and became a man

No sin for fame, for fools, my star is black and burned
I tilt towards the light, I suck your souls into my might

We're star children
Coming out of nowhere and to nowhere return
Star children
A hundred million souls sucked out in one breath
I shiver at the threshold of your waking hour
The knowledge that you seek is my source of power

I live apart from you but I know the things you do
No angel can save you, how, you don't need a god cause I'm here now

Do I fulfil your deepest need, The prophecy?
I am the ruler that you seek, so come to me
Come to me

Star children
Im the ruler of existence in your space and time
Star children
To penetrate your future is my only crime




Souls dancing at the edge of the abyss, at the edge of time and space   on the border to the well where all life will cease to exist, and were all life once was created. Souls of the dead and of the living amalgamate by the dance, a death-dance of innocence. Souls entirely entranced by the dance, and thereby entirely unaware of the fragility of the precipice where the dance is taking place;
The border between absolute being and absolute non-being.

The sun is raising; when reaching zenith its power will suck everything into its hidden black core. The difference between matter and anti-matter are meaningless. Perhaps the peril is what made the souls congregate at this particular place?; They have, each one by itself not consciously but still let themselves been drawn to the light, drawn to the vertigo-force that inevitably will consume them. Somehow they have sought the unconscious will to just follow the gyrating force of life. Follow it to a place where space and time are no more.
Seeking the point where light and dark merge.
Where love and death are one and the same.


Let's move on!

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