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Death Encounter

death demon
Come to me, come to me
come visit my Kingdom!
animated candle chandelier

The chemical wedding

(inside the sarcophagus soul-mates) now alive



The words on the upper part of the embroidery are taken from the song Chemical Wedding by Bruce Dickinson and Roy Z. On the lower part I have put together words and/or sentences from different BD songs (except for one word: soul-mate). The embroidery is constructed in a way that for me mirrors a relation between life and death. On the upper part I have used a light colour as the base for the letters and used a darker blue colour as an enhancer, were the two colours symbolizes life and its close connectedness with death. On the lower part I have reversed the colours of base and enhancer; here death is the ground concept. I have also used glittering threads as complementary enhancers on both parts, sometimes just one thread, sometimes more, sometimes two or three different colours at the same time - different depending on the word or sentence, to comply and compile the meaning. Some of the details in the sarcophagus and in the dragons' tail are made from the backside of the embroidery, making that which is visible the inverted version of the stitches, as a way of symbolizing death as the reversed version of life. On the right side of the sarcophagus is a  fire breathing dragon, symbolizing an unrestrained element. On the left is a fountain with water cascading in accordance with the laws of nature. Fire and water, symbolizing the opposites of life and death. As a whole, I wanted to visualise both the close connectedness between life and death and the opposing relationship between them.
It all began with the frame – I had bought it earlier just thinking it was striking and that I should do something appropriate to put into it later on. Then the chemical wedding idea came to my mind.







And Death is waiting for you








mage artmage art

Starless Darkmaiden

mage art



Tonight you shall dance upon blistering iron


The sisters Folium and Fiore are dancing....

Folium wearing a green dress, Fiore a red. They're followed by their shared shadow (green and red dress, yellow hair).
The fire-flowers on the ground find nourishment
in the earth that conceals The Dead.
In the front another world is shimmering – a better one?, worse?

The embroidery is depicting life as a process. Life as becoming.
Life as the sibling of death –
where The Eternal Peace is luring on the other side of the day.

("I natt ska du dansa på glödande järn."
The words are borrowed from a Swedish folksong


  Gothic woman walking



animated candle chandelier

Let's move on!
Takemeup I had this strange dream ... @''@


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