Let us look into the dream of this particular skeleton;

Ok, I was jumping down the road, minding my own business. All of a sudden I had this big city to my left. I was trying to get pass it rather quickly since I felt it was something unpleasant concealed there.
      But somehow, for a reason unknown to me, I didn't seem to get anywhere. I kept jumping and jumping, but it was as if the city tried to draw me closer to it.


In the next scene I remember I had left my jumping balloon and was running really fast. Maybe I left the balloon because it didn't take me anywhere ... I'm not really sure ... But anyways, I was running now, and everything was changed, 'cause now I had this feeling I had to reach the city as fast as was humanly possible (or perhaps skeletonly possible? ... hmm...).
       I knew something was going to happen there, in the dream it never became clear just what that thing was, well later it did but here, when I was running, I didn't know why and somehow it wasn't important to know the reason - and still it was important for me to get there a s a p.

skeleton bowing animated gif skeleton bowing animated gif skeleton bowing animated gif skeleton bowing animated gif skeleton bowing animated gif
And so, suddenly, I was standing in the middle of the city, and all the city skeletons were greeting me with the outmost honour.
At first I didn't know what to think,
I felt like my head was spinning.

It was as if I was a very high and mighty person of some kind and had been sent there for a reason - a reason hidden from me, but I had the feeling I should help them sort out a really scary problem.



The next thing I remember is that me and another guy had to get pass the most horrible creatures in order to get to the place were I should do my rescue act. This rescue act was some kind of magical performance, which would free the city from the evil that was haunting its citizens. Luckily, both me and the other guy - I think he was some kind of a guardian - were really brave and met the ghastly creatures face to face without any fear what-so-ever.



And then the oddest thing happened. I had reached the place where my mission should be staged, I must admit it was kind of a spooky place, but somehow I wasn't afraid, or I didn't care about it. But all the time a strange clock showed me how fast the city approached the end of its existence, and the clock figures moving so rapidly made me totally stressed out. I remember thinking that I had to come up with a solution to the problem right there and then. And I did.
       Suddenly I just knew I had to do a special kind of ritual dance. The dance should break the chain of evil, and I was the only one who had the force to perform it. So I started to do the dance - in the dream it was a really beautiful and most complicated dance (but now when I think about it, it was kind of silly...)

skeleton body popping

- be that as it may, in the dream I went into the assignment totally focusing on the movements of my limbs and everything else just disappeared from my mind.

It was a really uplifting experience - I was sooo in      with myself!


Then the evil spirit, which had lured in the shadows and haunted the city for so long, took shape and came forward, as if the dance had the power to suck the splitted atoms of evil together and transform them into one solid being. And the being that neared me was a rat warrior. Strange eh?


By now, everybody's eyes were looking at me, scared but hopefully, and I felt the pressure to succeed rising inside of me. To be honest, I had no clue on what to do though ... :-O


But as the rat warrior approached me something happened. I continued doing my dancing act, constantly coming up with new movements, and so, just as the rat reached out his sword to cut my head off, he transformed into a little blue mouse, and in this transformation the heart and spirit of the rat also transformed, making him a real coward.
       Well, at least that's how I saw it, because the little blue mouse were so afraid of my beautiful dance he just ran off and hid in a room not visible to anyone else. And as far as I know, he was vaporised in that invisible room, for neither he nor his alter ego - the rat warrior - was seen or heard of in the city ever again.


And so the city were sat free, and I was the great hero, and obviously everybody just loved me! The citizens wanted me to stay and become their guardian angel, but I knew my work there was done. So I bed them farewell and wandered into the velvet night. Only now, my bones where clothed with flesh and blood and I wore a black dress, and, this is the really scary part: it felt just natural! When I realized this a huge horror came over me, and I woke up instantly trembling from cold.

I really wonder what this dream meant...
T A K E    M E    B A C K
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